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"离骚"第一期(NEO SOUND 1 ISSUE)

陸正/Zen Lu(electronica)
二道@午後茶匙/ erDao@Teaspoon (electronica)
時間/time:20:30-22:30 12th December 2009
地點/venue:涼茶舖(Liangcha Shop)
地址/add:深圳市南山區恩平路華僑城創意文化園OCT-LOFT F3棟“涼茶舖”(一渡堂北側)
                   F3 Block,OCT-LOFT,Enping Road,Oversea Chinese Town, Shenzhen
Shenzhen is a city which encircled with grotesque sense and gaudy color. We are therefore surrounded by timeless sounds, where the “the international metropolis” charming fable lies. We are falling into confusion and worries, we are lacking of joy, we are suffering just like the city from sequela: hypocrisy, twisted childhood, distortion, false aesthetic, etc.
We therefore establish "NEO SOUND", we start to travel, we seek the origin to our sound civilization and to our spiritual home.We are named as "NEO SOUND". We perform two live shows each month, genre including but not limited to electronic, experimental, sound art as well as vision sound, phantom art, which are stilling exploring different domain and zones of cooperation. We hope that these special sounds we produce can influence a proportion crowd for either physiological or psychological needs as an enlightenment. As the clown who is jumping off the beams, under the stage of heaven in Shenzhen, we allocates acrobatics and sound art, bringing it to the next paragraph.



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