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  ... (Switzerland, free meta-contemporary feedback music)
Ricardo da Silva (Portugal, humachine failures-drone-noize)
Nunk On Droise (France/Japan, noise under the influence)

Time:20:30 21st May 2011

Venue:Liangcha Shop(凉茶铺)
Address: F3 Block,OCT-LOFT,Enping Road,Chinese Oversea,Nanshan District,Shenzhen
more info:http://www.douban.com/event/13791211/

 Ricardo da Silva
视觉和声音表演艺术家Ricardo da Silva来自葡萄牙,现居瑞士。他对于图像和声音之间的边缘关系特别感兴趣,并将二者同时表现在自己的作品当中。
他的声音作品运用模块合成器、粒子合成及现场采样,他的视觉作品则包含现场采样、噪音模式发生器和3D光锥雕塑。自2005年起,Ricardo da Silva活跃于瑞士和西欧,通过不同的代号及真名进行表演:Thomas More Project, CINE-NOISE, TV-NOISE, KOMINFORM
Ricardo da Silva同时也是一位电影评论家,他对于非传统性的电影有着浓厚兴趣,他是瑞士洛桑Oblo电影院的策展人,曾经组织举办过多个国际性的实验电影和音乐节。
Listen: http://ricardo.skafka.net/blog/playlist/Nosk and RdS - free improv on industrial film.mp3
http://ricardo.skafka.net/blog/playlist/TV NOISE live at Bad Bonn.mp3 http://snd.sc/idEJ1p
http://snd.sc/efKSP3 http://snd.sc/hsE5wL

…Niko[la] Mounoud 是一个XY染色体,出生于北纬46° 26' 00'',东经6° 55' 00'' ,”…”是他的一个项目的名称。Niko专注于模拟和数字两张材料的声音反馈。他也是瑞士一些不固定的音乐活动和音乐节的策划人,例如:Nocturnes MadeOneShot and LUFF-洛桑地下电影和音乐节。他是瑞士洛桑摄影和电影独立实验室"On fait du l'art !"的创办人之一。
Listen to . . .'s work :  
http://www.archive.org/details/DADA193 http://www.archive.org/details/M1scd010OldSelection
Nunk On Droise
Nunk On Droise 是Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin的一个独奏项目,Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin,代号23N!,噪音艺术家,来自法国现居东京,自2007年开始他用多个不同的项目表演,如:Droise, The Ningen Dogs Orchestra, Kousenjuu...
这次亚洲巡演,23N!将用两个独奏项目进行表演,它们是Nunk on Droise和TV Bug。Nunk on Droise是一个激进的、身体噪音表演项目。TV Bug是一个极简主义音频/视频表演,它是模拟电视机的挽歌(注:数字时代,模拟电视机慢慢退出市场,23N!通过TV Bug这个代号,现场用两台老式模拟电视机表演音频和视频)。
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/zeni69
Sight and sound performer, Ricardo da Silva comes from Portugal and is now living in Switzerland.
He is specially interested in borderline relations between images and sound and considers both at the same time in his work.
For sound, he works with modular synthesizers, granular synthesis and live sampling. For his visual works, he works with live sampling, noise patterns generators and 3D lightcone sculptures. Active since 2005, he has been playing extensively across Switzerland and Western Europe under various names and collectives such as: Thomas More Project, CINE-NOISE, TV-NOISE, KOMINFORM and his regular name.
Extra bio: RdS is also a film critic interested in unconventional forms of filmmaking and curator for Oblo Cinema in Lausanne (Switzerland) he organized several international festivals devoted to experimental filmmaking and music.
http://ricardo.skafka.net/blog/playlist/Nosk and RdS - free improv on industrial film.mp3 
http://ricardo.skafka.net/blog/playlist/TV NOISE live at Bad Bonn.mp3 
Niko[la] Mounoud
Niko[la] Mounoud born chromosome XY at 46° 26' 00'' N, 6° 55' 00'' E. presents his solo project . . . Instead of using cords, wind or percussions, he prefers to focus his work on the feedback (larsen) of both analogue and digital materials. Impossible to be bored, challenging to dance, merging of all styles of music, it is a subtle crossover between hard composed parts and sweet improvisations. All of that condensed in a short time live that will definitely clean your ears and reconcile you with noises.
Niko is also curator of some itinerant music events and festivals in Switzerland such as Nocturnes MadeOneShot and LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film&music Festival.
He is the co-founder of an independent laboratory for photography and cinema on celluloid called "On fait du l'art !" based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Listen to . . .'s work : 

Nunk on Droise
23N! (Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin) is a noise music performer living in Tokyo and performing since
2007 with various projects such as Droise, The Ningen Dogs Orchestra, Kousenjuu...
For this Asian tour, he will be performing with two recent solo projects: Nunk on Droise and TV Bug.
Nunk on Droise is a radical, bodily noise performance based on the live consumption of alcohol.
TV Bug is a minimalist audiovisual performance and an elegy to analog television.
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/zeni69
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zeni893



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